The Discover the Bible Lands Tours Story

A little about us..

Dwight and Jeanne Billingsley were in the Christian ministry in Beirut, Lebanon beginning in 1966 and concluded that residency in 1975 due to the vicious 15-year civil war in that Middle Eastern country. Coming back to the states in 1975, they added a new dimension to their ministries.

Their first visit to Jerusalem was in 1966 as pastor and wife and they developed an interest in returning frequently to learn more about this historic area. Their first visit as “tourists” was in 1983 when they joined a tour group to Jordan and Israel. They were surprised how many tourists with other groups they met were “stranded” in hotel lobbies because their tours were not inclusive for everyone in their group. There were many sites they couldn’t visit because those were “optional day trips” and they didn’t have the extra money necessary. So, they just stayed in the hotel lobby and played cards or whiled away the day doing something else until their fellow travelers returned.

The Billingsleys decided to construct a Holy Land tour and itinerary so that everyone who went with them would be able to visit every site advertised in the brochure, and not waste their precious time in the Bible Lands sitting in a hotel lobby. Their first group of “Discover the Bible Lands Tours” traveled in the fall of 1983. This group was from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri.

Thus, began Discover the Bible Lands Tours. Since 1966 the Billingsleys have traveled back to the Middle East nearly 50 times and developed a stellar reputation of providing a wonderful experience for Christian pilgrims and inquisitive travelers. Many individuals, college groups, pastors, and church groups have “discovered the Bible Lands” because of these trips. Many have returned repeatedly, such as one New Testament professor at a Midwestern Bible college who has returned 15 times bringing many of his students. The Billingsleys have been honored many times by large Christian organizations such as AWANA International and others for their efforts.

CDB and JB on Sea of Galilee
Dwight and Jeanne Billingsley

Your Hosts, Dwight and Jeanne Billingsley

Dwight and Jeanne on a Petra buggy ride

Dwight and Jeanne on a Petra buggy ride